Broken Glass Falls from 18th Floor Window Midtown Manhattan

An accident occurred in Midtown Manhattan that left at least three people injured as shattered glass fell from a high-rise building. While doing renovation work on the 18th floor of 40 West 57th St, a piece of machinery had bumped into a pane of glass and shattering it. Foot-long pieces of sharp jagged glass fell from the window and smashed onto the crowded sidewalks below.

Over an hour was spent by emergency crews cutting out the remaining shards of glass from the window frame and bringing them inside. 50 to 60 pounds of glass was estimated to have shattered onto the sidewalk below. A bleeding tourist came staggering into a café after her head had been struck by glass, witnesses said. “She came into the store, but she was nice and calm,” said witness Mariama Galmoh. “I was feeling sorry for her because the reaction on her face was like she was in pain,” witness Anna St. Hill said.

A construction worker who was inside the building as well as the bleeding tourist were rushed to the hospital. West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue were close to both vehicles and pedestrians following the accident. Those who sustained injuries are anticipated to be okay, but are shaken by the incident. The accident is still under investigation by the Department of Buildings.

This brings to light that accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Those walking on the sidewalks below did not wake up that morning knowing that their lives would soon be in jeopardy. But, these things do happen and afterwards it can be hard to know where to turn. At Alvin H. Broome and Associates, our past speaks for itself. Our success rate has helped tons of people get the money that they deserve.