New York Truck Accident Traps Car Under Sand

Overturned Truck

Automobile accidents happen, and sometimes they involve large commercial vehicles that end up in serious injury or even death. Alvin H. Broome and Associates are experts in the New York Truck accident field, and if you have been in an accident, we are to help you with your legal needs.

A semi truck that was going the wrong way on Baseline Road flipped over and buried two bars under the sand. Police officers, fire fighters, and dozens of residents shoveled away the sand with their bare hands to help save a man trapped under the truck.

After crews were able to shovel away the sand and cut the roof off of the car, they proceeded to rescue the man. He was conscious and able to talk. There were six vehicles that were involved in the accident and everyone survived. The trapped driver, the semi driver, and one other person were taken to local hospitals.

There were multiple witnesses that said that the accident occurred when the semi truck driver lost control of his vehicle as he turned right off of Foothills and onto eastbound Baseline. He then drove over the medium and onto the wrong side of the road.

The driver apparently tried to correct himself and was unable to do so and ended up flipping onto its side. After the semi tipped, it continued to slide into other cars including the two that got buried beneath the sand.

Accidents happen all the time, including automobile accidents. Drivers in New York share the road everyday with these giant 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and other large vehicles and when it comes to an accident, they share both the physical and financial consequences. All too often these accidents end up in serious injury or even dead. At Alvin H. Broome and Associates, we are here to help you with the legal work you need.