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Defective Highways

If you were injured on a New York defective highway or a New York defective road, you may be able to file a claim against the government body that is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining that road. Just like private companies and individuals, the government has a responsibility to ensure that their roads and highways are safe for travel. Failing to design and maintain safe roadways can amount to negligence, and if that negligence caused your injuries, a New York defective road lawyer can help you get a personal injury settlement.

A road or highway can be defective in many different ways. Highways, roads, side streets, onramps, and bridges all need to be adequately maintained by the town, city, or county that owns them. Some of the common defects in roads and highways include:

Defects in Signage: When driving on a road, signage is an important part of a driver’s ability to navigate in a safe manner. Stop lights, stop signs, lines on the road, and other types of signage maintain order and safety on the road. If there is a missing sign, or defective markings on a roadway, an accident can occur that is not the fault of the driver. This often occurs in construction situations, where lanes are moved or modified and there is inadequate signage.

Inadequate Guard Rails or Safety Rails: Many dangerous roads, highways, and streets have guard rails and safety rails installed to prevent cars from leaving the roadway. Sometimes, an accident occurs that is not the driver’s fault, and if the guardrails were missing or defective, this could cause an accident or cause more serious damage in what would have otherwise been a minor accident.

Potholes / Inadequate Drainage / Other Defects: Severe potholes are a serious problem on the road. While potholes are generally a normal part of driving, sometimes they can be extremely large and dangerous. If a municipality has negligently failed to address a serious pothole, it can cause an accident and serious bodily injury to an unsuspecting driver. Inadequate drainage can also cause serious accidents by obscuring lanes in the road or causing accidents. Road defects are not limited to this list alone. There could be erosion of a shoulder, defect in asphalt, or other types of hazardous conditions.

Falling Objects in Tunnels and Bridges: Sometimes, when a driver passes through a tunnel or under a bridge, a piece of the structure will fall and strike the vehicle. This damage and any resulting accident is due to negligent maintenance of the tunnel or bridge.

Defective road conditions can cause serious car accidents and serious injuries. If you have been injured due to defective road condition or design, you have a 90-day time restriction on the filing of your claim. This is why you must contact a New York defective roadway attorney immediately to discuss your claim.