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Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most devastating injuries that can happen as a result of an accident or as a result of malpractice is an injury to the human brain. All of our functions are controlled by our brain including our mental, intellectual, and physical capacities.

The human brain is protected by the skull bones. A fracture of the skull can led to an intracranial bleed, to a subdural hematoma, to a collection of blood pressing on the brain causing death of brain tissue. Any and all of these can lead to Traumatic Brain Damage.

Traumatic Brain Damage is a term used to describe the constellation of impairments that can result from a brain injury. Injuries to the brain resulting in traumatic brain injury are devastating, impairing, tragic, and permanent because brain tissue does not regenerate.

A brain injury can lead to a paralysis, partial paralysis, diminish intellectual ability, diminish speech, diminish eye sight, and to a myriad of other terrible consequences.

Establishing such an injury requires the use of medical specialists, and a firm understanding of the impact of these kinds of injuries on life.

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