New York Auto Accident Causes 50 Car Pile Up

New York Lawyers To Help in Auto Accidents

As the winter weather moves in, that means that the road conditions are going to be getting worse and worse. If you happen to be subject to an auto accident this winter and are injured, make sure that you take the necessary legal steps to gain proper compensation.

Recently, an auto accident in Grand Island, New York included a milti-car pile up on Interstate 90 that blocked the highway and closed the Grand Island Bridge near Niagara Falls. Authorities say that dozens of vehicles, over 50, were involved in in what was described as a “chain reaction.”

The initial accident happened on the decline slope of Grand Island Bridge where the disable vehicle was repeatedly struck by cars that were coming over the top of the hill who were unable to stop in time. The snow was a huge factor in this New York auto accident.

Interstate 90 northbound was blocked for many hours. The traffic was backed up for almost a mile at one point of the wreckage.

When you are injured in a New York auto accident, it can be very scary and knowing where to turn legally can be just as scary. The lawyers at Alvin H. Broome and Associates are here to help ease you through the process and get you the compensation you deserve.