Manhattan Construction Accident Kills Worker

man holding yellow helmet in front of construction site

When taking on a construction project, safety is the number one concern. Every aspect of the project should be reviewed to ensure worker safety. Unfortunately, some aspects can be overlooked causing serious injury or even death. At Alvin H. Broome and Associates, our Manhattan attorneys see this happen frequently and aim to make the legal process as easy and successful as possible for those who have been injured in a construction accident.

A construction worker was recently killed as a concrete slab weighing thousands of pounds fell to the ground, trapping him underneath. The accident occurred at a Midtown Manhattan construction site where the project is to convert a parking lot into a hotel. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Although the cause of the accident is still unclear, we do know that the man was working on securing the foundation of a building next to the site when a piece of concrete came loose and fell on top of him. One construction worker was able to leap out of harms way, but the other worker was pinned underneath with only one arm visible.

The commissioner of the New York City Buildings Department, Rick Chandler, said that digging to excavate the site “compromised the foundation of the neighboring building.” More than 100 workers were vacated from the building due to stability concerns. The construction of the hotel has been suspended indefinitely.

The hotel was planned to rise 22 stories and contain over 240 guest rooms. The construction at the site was put on hold for a day in August due to safety violations. Another complaint was filed in May because the construction was causing dangerous vibrations in neighboring properties. The complaint was dismissed after a city inspection.

If you or loved ones have become seriously injured due to a construction accident or have been involved in an accident near a construction site please contact us.  We are there to help you and your family get the settlement you deserve.