Lawsuit Against CVS Pharmacy

Alvin H. Broome & Associates has initiated a lawsuit against CVS Pharmacy also known as CVS ALBANY LLC., against CVS PHARMACY, INC. and against CVS CAREMARK CORP., a Rhode Island corporation which has thousands of pharmacies and employees throughout the United States.

Plaintiff patronized a CVS PHAMARCY in Queens, New York.  She had been a recipient of a transplant and was taking medicine to prevent rejection of the transplant for years.  She was given the wrong medication.  Instead of being given medication to preserve the transplant and to prevent rejection, she was given medication which is sometimes it used to treat men with prostate problems.

Cautionary Note:  Always check the medicine the pharmacy gives you by comparing what is inside the bottle to what the outside of the bottle describes.   If you have an adverse reaction or become ill after taking medication which should help you, see a physician immediately.