Junior Seau’s Family Sues NFL, Claims Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases may arise because of a variety of incidents, commonly accidents and medical malpractice. There are instances when a case comes up that receives national attention that is out of the ordinary. Junior Seau’s tragic death has triggered a wrongful death lawsuit from the former linebacker’s family.

Seau, an NFL great, who played the majority of his career in San Diego, died in May, at age 43, of a self inflicted gunshot. He developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as a result of repeated head injuries during his playing days. The suit blames the league for ignoring evidence tying violent on-field hits to traumatic brain injuries.

“The Seau family certainly has a right to take this lawsuit to court,” exclaimed Alvin Broome, personal injury attorney at Alvin H. Broome and Associates in New York City. “There has been an extensive history of players developing CTE as a result of frequent hits to the head.”

Junior Seau shot himself in the chest, which many have concluded was to leave his brain in tact for further testing. The National Institutes of Health studied three unidentified brains, one of which was Seau’s, and said the findings on Seau were similar to autopsies of people “with exposure to repetitive head injuries.” The National Football League is claiming that the maker of the football helmet, Riddell, who the Seau’s are also suing, is at fault.

“It is extremely sad and unfortunate that this young man took his own life,” said Broome. “It is understandable that the family wants to pursue legal remedies.”

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