Don’t Slip or Fall This Winter | Be Safe in the Cold

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, or fall injury every year. More than 17,000 people die annually from a slip and fall accident. As winter weather approaches, we urge you to be careful and watch out for snow and ice, as accidental injuries and even deaths at this time of year occur in frightening numbers.

No matter how well the snow and ice is removed from parking lots or sidewalks where you are walking, you will still always encounter some slippery surfaces when walking outdoors in winter. So, what are some ways to stay safe and prevent slips and falls? We’ll tell you:

  • When it’s cold outside, take each step slowly and carefully and assume that anywhere you see a dark area on the pavement is slippery and icy.
  • Avoid any shoes that have smooth soles and heels. Instead, wear shoes or boots that provide traction in the snow.
  • Be careful when you get into or out of your car.
  • Walk in designated walkways as much as possible to avoid any ungroomed or unsalted areas.
  • Keep your balance by putting your arms out to the side and out of your pockets.
  • Most importantly, walk slowly and very cautiously. Wear a heavy coat for some extra cushioning if you do fall you will be glad you had one.

We know some of these tips may sound obvious or silly, but wintertime slips and falls are no joke. As soon as cold weather hits, the walking conditions get much more dangerous, but if you pay attention and think about some of the ideas we mentioned, you can keep yourself safe and healthy this winter.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accidental slip or fall, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact the NYC law offices of Alvin H. Broome and Associates to discuss your case with us. We are here to help you. To learn more about accidental falls, visit our website today.