8 Year Old Struck and Killed by Car in New York

Terrible things happen to good people. There is no shortage of this as we hear it day after day in the media. It is almost always unavoidable. That is where we come into play. We are here to assist you through the entire legal process. One example of a terrible thing happening is a child who was struck by a car and killed recently.

In Kingsbridge Heights, an eight-year-old girl was recently killed, along with five other people being injured, after a car hopped the curb and smacked right into the crowd of people outside of a Bronx elementary school. Behind the wheel of the car was a 55-year-old woman who was parked in front of the school when the car abruptly went into reverse and struck four adults and two eight year old girls.

One ten-year-old student said, “I heard a car screeching and then I heard screaming.” The boy had just walked out of the school when the accident occurred. One of the girls who was hit was rushed to the St. Barnabas Hospital, but died shortly after. The school’s chancellor, Carmen Fariña, said in a statement, “Today we mourn the loss of a young student. My heart breaks for this child’s family and the entire school community. I am closely monitoring this situation and we are working with the NYPD to investigate this tragedy. There will be guidance counselors on site to support students, parents and school staff.”

The other girl was taken to Jacobi Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The four adults who were hit were taken to St. Barnabas, all in stable condition. The driver was not arrested and remained on the scene. The New York Police Department is currently investigating the scene.

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