66 Year Old Pedestrian Ran Over by Van in New York City


There is no doubt that New York is a fast paced and heavily populated area. This makes it especially dangerous for pedestrians. A lot of drivers in New York are in a hurry and tend to not pay attention to what is around them, and often times, results in injuring or even killing pedestrians.

Recently, a 66-year-old woman was crossing the street with a cane when she was struck by a van outside an Upper East Side Hospital. The elderly woman was crossing the street when a silver Town and Country with North Carolina plates took a left turn onto Madison Ave. When the van hit her, it ran over her. The van kept driving with her underneath it. A witness mentioned that the driver of the van was trying to make a red light, like every New York City driver.

He completely ran over her legs and must have felt a bump or heard people screaming because he eventually stopped. There was blood coming out of the victim’s ears. The driver, in a panic, claimed that he did not see the elderly woman crossing the street. The woman was still breathing, however she was unconscious and her face was swollen.

An employee from Mt. Sinai Hospital rushed out to help. The employee also helped take her inside the hospital where she was accepted as in critical condition. The driver, believe it or not, was arrested on charges of a suspended license.

Accidents like these happen all the time in New York City, and for some unlucky pedestrians, they can be left with serious injuries and serious medical bills. If you have found yourself in one of these unfortunate situations, the lawyers at Alvin H. Broome are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today for a free consultation.